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  • Isaac Lomax

Are YOU One in 17,000?

Updated: Jun 14

Pole position at The Spark is up for grabs. Do you fancy your chances?

Reading University’s homegrown publication (one of the UK’s oldest, and turning 90 this year!) is on the lookout for a driven, open-minded and Reading-based new leader. In a year that continues to witness extreme political tumult, stomach-churning abuses of power and renewed hardship for millions, we cannot overstate the necessity of young contributions to the forum for change. Student publications are one of the best ways to make them with. 

The Spark has a wealth of change-making history that predates any of its current staff and members, stretching back to 1934. Now, what it needs is you. Every year we face financial, social, political and environmental challenges. We don’t get the same funding as a society, nor a university body. We maintain, 365 days a year, the space for anyone to feel valued and noticed amongst their peers. We have a zero-tolerance attitude to any discrimination, without exceptions. We have to maintain a balanced view on events, despite a melting pot of opinions petitioning their causes - and commendably so. We are paperless to reflect a changing readership and the need to preserve our natural resources, like paper. We, above all, are a place. Traditionally a publication, Spark has evolved in the wake of Covid-19 to offer opportunity and outlet to students that may find traditional journalism unappealing or unattractive. Much of our content is moderated by an independent consultant who specialises in media law, which allows our members to contribute in any way they wish and know that any material will be treated in the same way - irrespective of experience or confidence.

After reforming The Spark with a clutch of students in 2023 (thanks to Sophie, Bethan and Finlay), its 2023/4 lead, Isaac, will be stepping back. Which is where YOU come in! Click here to read our Welcome Sheet and contact to express an interest in the role. You will be contacted in due course. Training will be provided in full, and Isaac will remain a part of The Spark’s leadership team until December 2024 to offer help!


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