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  • Isaac Lomax

As One Closes...

Updated: Jun 14

My wonderful Spark team, readers and viewers. September 2024 will see out my fourth - and last - year of leading a student publication, the latter two being at Reading University’s very own. These parting words are only grateful. 

I’m embracing cliche, to tell you exactly how much of a privilege and a pleasure it’s been to keep alight the flame of what remains among the oldest of young people’s publications in the country. I’m confident that, despite the palpable apathy of today’s climate, Spark will continue to do its bit. 

Since ‘34, The Spark has ignited purpose, interest and discourse for many. I hope, as I take my reluctant, if timely, step aside, that this keeps on. Students are the professional future and we deserve to feel it. Uni is hard and, we’re told, life is harder: so I hope that your time at The Spark, with me, has been a good one. I hope that all future leads receive the same welcome and investment that the class of ‘23/24 have given to me. You’re all properly fab!

  • Isaac x


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