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  • Louise Colechin

Fearless Femininity - Taylor Swift’s Empowering Narrative and Resonance in the Feminist Movement

Not only has Taylor Swift left an extraordinary mark on the music industry, but she is recognised as a prominent figure in discussions of feminism and expressing individuality against the face of public scrutiny. Starting with her country-infused ballads, Taylor’s musical journey has highlighted her personal growth as a woman - and her undeniable talent.

Through her music, Taylor has addressed the double standards that society places on women and the pressures that these induce. In her song ‘The Man’, released in 2019 as part of her ‘Lover’ album, its lyrics look at these issues in both the personal and professional aspects of a woman’s life. Taylor questions how the public might have perceived her if she were a man, specifically the behaviours commonly accepted for men but scrutinised for women. Taylor explores the different ways in which her career might have unfolded, particularly her relationships and interactions with the media. She explains: ‘they’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to’, reiterating how her dating history may have been differently considered by the public if she was a man. Taylor also highlights the frustration of trying to meet societal expectations and the desire to ‘get there quicker if I was a man’, indicating the unfair advantages that men have over many aspects of life. Taylor addresses the tendency of the public to question her success and achievements, singing that ‘they wouldn’t shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve’ if she wasn’t a woman. There would be no doubt surrounding her talent and fame, and her position in the music industry would not be questioned.

Beyond her music, Taylor has used her platform to advocate for gender equality. She has donated to many charities and organisations that look at women’s rights, reproductive health and equality. Additionally, in an article written by Elle magazine in 2019, Taylor expressed her desire for women to receive fair compensation for their achievements in the workplace. As well as this, many of her music videos promote body positivity and embrace all races, genders and sexualities. Eras tour-goers have expressed their appreciation for Taylor’s team of dancers and vocalists, and how the diversity amongst those on stage is inspirational and empowering.

In response to the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, The Women’s March movement formed, aiming to advocate against social injustices, promote reproductive rights and combat systematic racism. Taylor has shown her support for the movement on various platforms, encouraging the conversation surrounding these issues.

Taylor has spoken about her experience with sexual assault and how raising awareness is of the upmost importance. She was involved in a high-profile case where she countersued a radio DJ for groping her during a photo session. Taylor uses her story to speak out against sexual assault and encourage others to do the same.

Her contributions to the feminist movement, musically and personally, have undoubtedly broadened feminism itself. Her willingness to address these topics directly underlines her commitment to empowering women and fighting for social justice.

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08 mar

I’m not going to lie, I don’t listen to that much Taylor Swift. However, upon reading your article, it is undoubtedly clear that along with her music, Taylor is a powerful role model to everyone everywhere!

Mi piace
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