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  • Gloria Boateng

All Dreams Are Nonsense

Our eyes fixate on a march to freedom,

some sort of practicality

Growing up is being taken away 

from the world’s tactful strategies

The escape of endless roads of idealism

give life to our dreams.

Amidst the madness, do we wonder

“Why are we never happy?”

Is it wrong to ask for more?

No, but what do we expect?

As we constantly try to follow with this hunger for stardom,

our guilt remains etched.

The dreams that we try to compromise

are only fairytales of hope and praise.

Money, riches, fame, acceptance,

an abridgement to a crystal maze.

The world has beauty,

an encapsulating experience of growth and love

where we learn to stay with the people we trust.

Our world has beauty,

beauty that we never appreciate

because of our failed ambitions,

as we harp on our mistakes.


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