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  • Louise Colechin

Embracing Balance – Simple Tips For a Healthier Mind

In the busy life of a student, it is easy to overlook the importance of taking time out of your day to focus on your mind and health. As we steer through deadlines and the social pressures of uni life, focusing on our mental health is essential. This article is your guide to some simple - yet effective - tips to integrate into your daily routine. These strategies are designed to be easy to implement, cost-effective and, most of all, enjoyable. These small steps will eventually lead to extensive and noticeable changes in your attitude and mindset.


Although it may seem obvious, exercise is vital for students because of its numerous physical and mental benefits. I have found that, while it is nice to partake in these activities with friends and course-mates, taking the time out of your day to enjoy a solo sport can help with mindfulness and resetting. Creating an energising playlist for a short run is a good way to motivate yourself to get outside. As well as this, visiting your local swimming pool to do a couple of laps is a good, muscle-engaging exercise which is low impact and stress reducing.

Virtual meet-ups:

Perhaps you are finding it hard to meet up with friends from home, or maybe you are missing the handiness of living so close to the people you love. This is an issue that my friend group and I had, and we were very much aware that a barrier like this could put strain on our friendship. So, because of our love of books, we arranged to meet online once a month to discuss a one that we had all been reading - as well as catch up on each other’s lives. Whether it be films, books, sport, or even just general gossip, arranging to talk with friends or family from home about something is a great way to keep those relationships strong and uninterrupted.

Treat yourself:

Taking time to indulge in activities that make you feel happy is never something to feel guilty about, especially when money is involved. If you can balance it correctly, occasionally treating yourself will give massive benefits to your well-being and improve your mood when you may be feeling low or stressed. I find it very useful to take myself to a café, especially if work and assignments are starting to get overwhelming. Buying yourself a coffee or a pastry from a bakery can be a way of acknowledging the accomplishments you have made so far with your studies and hobbies, or even just your mental health - no matter how small the triumph.

Share your thoughts:

Opening up and discussing your concerns with others, whether this be about your studies, mental health or relationships, can offer a sense of relief and alleviate any emotional tension. There are many ways in which you can do this: video call a familiar face from home, talk to the people you live with or, if you’re feeling anxious about who you would trust to share these thoughts with, write them down somewhere safe. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Stay organised:

Again, this may seem obvious but an organised life equals an organised mind. Ensuring that all your work and personal belongings are kept safe and arranged neatly helps to reduce clutter and makes life seem that little bit less overwhelming. Planning your meals and creating a routine that is realistic according to your lifestyle will target your time management skills and establish healthy habits, as well as improve sleep patterns and enhance discipline and consistency in all aspects of life.

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Feb 21

Thanks for these - will definitely be trying out a few myself :)

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