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  • Fabergé Warland-Edge

Thoughts From An Overly Quiet Room

Wouldn’t it be nice to be missed?

For someone to feel your shadow

And follow it to the souls of your feet

For someone to reach for your hand

Or give you something to fidget with

Something that says

“Take a small part of me with you, please”

To have a side of the bed

Or a seat at the table

To have a place

Where people want you to be

And leave open for you to come back

Wouldn’t it be nice to return?

To wear a body you once wore

Or enter a place you once called home

To walk a path you have taken before

Just to see if it goes somewhere else

Somewhere better and safer

Where you can be a child again

To use the words you always held back

And watch them ripple

The way you thought they might

Instead of biting your tongue

And feeling the blood pool in your mouth

Wouldn’t it be nice to move on?

For that cold weight in your chest to warm

And that ache in your stomach to ease

For your feet to stand firm

Instead of itching to run

For your fingernails to grow

And for the flesh around them to heal

To be able to sit in a quiet room

And it just be quiet

To simply look at the wallpaper

Or the chairs

And cherish how peaceful it is


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