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  • Louise Colechin

Branches Intertwined

Growth, transformation, exploration, and reflection 

The calmness and beauty of nature’s imperfections 

The world is changing all around 

And our story starts deep within the ground 

From a tiny seed buried in the earth 

No one around to determine its worth 

The tree begins its journey, stretching its roots 

What will it behold, nuts, blossom, fruits?

With every passing moment it reaches higher and higher 

It houses many, from squirrels to spiders 

It dances in unison with its sisters and brothers 

The leaves sway in the breeze, showing off their colours

Trembling in the breeze, the tree witnesses its demise 

A saw clutched in the hand of a creature in disguise 

Its once proud stature is gone: sawdust and leaves

The woodpecker escapes, the small mouse grieves 

The creature lights the fire with the tree’s fragmented life

He hurries to the bedroom to his labouring wife

When nature’s child was murdered at dawn 

A whispered tale of another life was born 


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